Mission Statement

CA Botana Mission Statement

Our mission is to create the most effective, results-oriented products available using the latest innovations and the purest, most powerful natural and botanical ingredients. Every formula that we develop reflects our dedication to continuous research in harmony with nature.

About Us

We are a results-oriented skincare manufacturing company based in sunny San Diego. Our product lines Doctor D. Schwab, Sea Enzyme, and Ambrosia Aromatherapy are featured in salons and spas worldwide for over 40 years. We offer Custom Manufacturing and Private Label opportunities to skincare visionaries from around the world. Our integrity-driven development team will guide you through the entire development process. Explore more about our company by viewing the video below.

Research & Development

CA Botana Research & Development

With over 40 years of on-site research studying the effects of nature's bounty combined with the latest skin care innovations, we have created a trusted, widely recognized line of products. Our expertise in the centuries old studies of herbology and aromatherapy has expanded our repertoire of ingredients beyond that of most manufacturers, allowing for a plethora of combinations to target specific skin issues.

Clinical Trials

CA Botana Clinical Trials

Through extensive scientific research and thorough clinical trials, our Research and Development team has gathered compelling evidence to support our natural approach. Through these trials, we have proven the clinical efficacy of our products and methods, providing clients and customers with formulas that provide real results.

Green Philosophy

CA Botana Green Philosophy

We are and have always been passionately committed to using environmentally responsible resources and manufacturing methods that support nature’s well-being.

CA Botana Green Philosophy Icons

Success in Business

CA Botana Success in Business

With worldwide distribution, we have built a reputable relationship with consumers and the skin care industry alike. CA BOTANA founder and lead scientist, Dr. Dieter Kuster, has developed over 3000 formulations and remains one of the most recognized names in the skin care industry. We have also been awarded the prestigious President’s E-Award for Excellence in Exporting.

Meet Our Research & Development Team

CA Botana team Eric Carlson
Eric Carlson | Production Manager

Eric Carlson is responsible for the compounding activities of manufacturing solutions, semi-solids, and suspensions including weighing, bulking, filtration and sanitization. Monitoring equipment, controlling temperatures, and checking for overall consistency in mixes following cGMPs procedures in an FDA-regulated environment are all part of his daily duties. Responsibilities also include all documentation associated with the manufacturing process in order to comply with federal, state, and local regulations as well as meeting customer needs with a fast and efficient turnaround.

CA Botana team Dan Holsworth
Maryna Tatarinova | Quality Assurance

Maryna Tatarinova graduated from Kyiv National Economic University, The Faculty of International Economics and Management with a Master in International Economics. Maryna is formally trained to handle all Quality Assurance for CA BOTANA and is responsible for all Quality Control related items, such as: Production & Lab Samples, QC Testing, Stability Testing, Raw Material Certificate of Analysis, MSD, Challenge Test for new products and all related tests. Keep the Master Production file, GMP & SOP's current. Record keeping documentation as required by the FDA and Health Department of California.

CA Botana team Dan Holsworth
Dan Holsworth, Ph. D. | Scientific Consultant

Dr. Dan Holsworth is formally trained as a synthetic organic and medicinal chemist. He earned his doctorate in synthetic organic chemistry from Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan, and was a Post-Doctoral Fellow at Parke-Davis Pharmaceuticals in Ann Arbor, Michigan. With over 20 years of research experience, he has served in senior level positions throughout the biotech and pharmaceutical industry, including Pfizer, Inc., and has also co-founded two small drug discovery companies -- ODIN Therapeutics and P&H Therapeutics. His research efforts over the years have focused on cardiovascular, metabolic, and inflammatory diseases, as well as cancer therapies. He joined the CA BOTANA R&D team to further advance the proprietary peptide and Alphasomes® technologies.

CA Botana team Rodolfo Ugelstad
Rodolfo Ugelstad | Regulatory Consultant

After graduating with a major in chemistry from the University of Buenos Aires in Argentina, Rodolfo Ugelstad started his career in 1975 by starting his own cosmetics company. He focused on developing customized personal care products for niche markets and gained extensive experience in customer-focused product formulation, manufacturing, research and development of personal care products following legal standards, regulations and quality assurance.